p h o t o . p r e s e n t a t i o n.

f i r e . s c u l p t u r e

s c u l p t u r e . o b j e c t s

c. v . / r e s u m é

p u b l i c a t i o n s

l i n k s

c o n t a c t

m a t c h b o x - s h o w



"Nina Hole calls herself a "clay architect." Houses and early religious architecture usually occur in both her small and large scale works. Nina's Round Church is imbued with an exuberant spirit. It's got depth and humor. The sculpture represents a medieval church that can be turned upside down, so that the inner void is revealed and it becomes both vessel and church." - Bettina Køppe, Galerie Norby.


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"Nina’s work is significant because it links the American and Danish ceramic traditions. With its free expressive style, indicative of Nina Hole’s years as a student in the U.S.A., her work represents a unique international current in the Danish ceramic tradition — a tradition firmly based on form and function."